1oz. shot glass with mint and lime

1oz. Liquid Measure

The proportions of a cosmopolitan are well balanced and easy to remember. The lime juice and orange liqueur are a single measure and the cranberry juice and vodka are measured at twice that volume.

A simple 1oz. shot glass is all you need to ensure the proper amount of each ingredient. A handy addition is the marker line to help ensure the proper amount is measured out.

Cobbler cocktail shaker with ice chipping tines

Cobbler Cocktail Shaker

The cosmopolitan martini is a shaken cocktail. A clean, strong stainless-steel shaker with a properly fitting lid is an essential component of the drink mixing process. The Cobbler shaker is an ideal piece of bar equipment due to its three part construction: container, strainer and cap.

A proper shaker should feature metal prongs exposed to the interior of the shaker. As you shake the ingredients these tines scrape and chip the ice cubes which then partially melt into the mixture. The tines along with the rapid motion of the ice cubes through the liquid mixture also contribute to a significant amount of micro cavitation; all necessary to develop the desired cloudiness of the finished drink.

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